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Their Voices Matter – Community Responses to Covid-19 Measures: Week 2

Community Responses to Covid 19 Measures: Week 2 In the second week of the COVID-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) members continued to speak out on their experiences at community level. Two more deaths were recorded in the week under unclear circumstances. This raised concern about government’s preparedness to test, treat […]
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ZimRights Newsletter Issue 2

ZimRights Newsletter Issue 2 COVID 19: Embracing our Responsibility Message to Friends and Partners Dear Friends and Partners Today, we are facing a global public health crisis of unprecedented proportions. Only time will tell the devastating toll that COVID-19 will exact on our communities. The speed at which the virus is spreading leaves many of […]
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Human Rights in the Fight Against COVID-19

Human Rights in the Fight Against COVID-19 The Dilemmas for Accountable Leadership and Responsible Citizenship In the fight against COVID-19, the world is engaged in a fight for life. Over one million people globally have been infected by the pandemic and over 60 000 people have already lost their lives. If the pandemic maintains its […]
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Statement on Bulawayo Killing by ZRP

ZimRights Condemns the Extra-Judicial Killing of Civilians by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in Enforcing 2 Day Lock-down On 7 April 2020, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) was alerted of the death of one Bulawayo resident following an attack by a one of the police officers enforcing lock-down. ZimRights condemns mourns with the family of […]
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ZimRights Newsletter Issue 1

ZimRights Newsletter Issue 1 Welcome to ZimRights Newsletter It is with great pleasure that we bring you ZimRights News, our weekly newsletter. Every week, we capture key human rights developments covering the most important human rights issues in Zimbabwe from a community perspective. Tell us what you are expecting using details at the bottom of […]
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Inclusivity Key to ZHRC Credibility and Accountability

On the 12th of March 2020, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) petitioned the parliament of Zimbabwe to extend the nomination period of Commissioners for the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC). Cognisant of the importance of the Commission in promoting and protecting human rights in the Zimbabwe, the obligation of Parliament to facilitate public involvement […]
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Masvingo Cyclone Idai Statement

Masvingo Survivors of Cyclone Idai Raise Red Flag Over Partisan Aid Distribution A year after the devastating Cyclone Idai, survivors in Masvingo still find themselves in the same position they were last year and have accused the government of channeling aid along political grounds. In a community monitoring report released by ZimRights Masvingo province, several […]
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