ZimRights Activities

Activities include Human Rights Monitoring,  Training on Conflict Transformation, Community Legal Support, Support for Victims of Cyclone Idai and Mobile Human Rights Clinics.

This intervention is aimed at capacitating communities to monitor, document and report human rights violations. In carrying out human rights monitoring, ZimRights members flag out human rights issues at local level that may require national interventions. These are then taken up at national level through the National Human Rights Institutions. See the latest report “Their Voices Matter” on community responses to COVID 19.
As part of prevention, ZimRights provides training on conflict transformation to communities to enable them to activate local capacities to detect conflict, prevent it or resolve it without it deteriorating into violence.
Communities in danger of suffering human rights violations will benefit from continued legal support for members and communities in need. ZimRights just offers legal support to communities that need to resort to legal remedies to resolve local human rights issues. This include general legal advice on human rights issues, legal education on issues affecting the communities and in other cases, litigation against perpetrators or duty bearers to enforce justice.
Following the devastating cyclone idai in 2019, ZimRights mobilised support to help communities cope with the disaster. Following the announcement by the African Development Bank that USD24 million will be released to assist infrastructure projects in affected areas, ZimRights members in Masvingo and Manicaland have since come together to establish local monitoring mechanism to ensure that the aid benefits the people affected. ZimRights Masvingo and Manicaland Provinces have since issued statements to that effect. See past statements here.
ZimRights, in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has been convening mobile human rights clinics with communities providing free legal service and human rights information.

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