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ZimRights Approach

The ZimRights campaigns must achieve the following:


ZimRights Interventions must first and foremost CREATE VALUE for ZimRights members and their communities.


ZimRights programmes must contribute to shaping critical NATIONAL CONVERSATIONS on human rights from the perspective of the most affected communities.


ZimRights programmes must provide INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to human rights challenges faced by different communities


With Leadership ZimRights programmes must model human rights-centered COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP

Our Approach

The ZimRights Approach rests upon three pillars, which are Grassroot Organising, Community Agenda Setting and Pyramid Engagement.

Grassroots organizing is powerful because it allows us to bring large numbers of people to the table. These numbers impact decision-makers, and the bigger our numbers the greater our impact.
In the age of big businesses, powerful political parties and an elite civil society, the organic agenda of the ordinary people in communities is in danger of getting swallowed and overshadowed by powerful players. Enabling communities to identify and champion their own causes means the human rights discourse remains in tandem with the needs of the ordinary people.
The key concept is that cultivating an activist is a process, not a one-time conversation. People move up the Pyramid of Engagement by first becoming aware of an issue, then coming to understand its importance and relevance to their lives, then deciding to participate in a campaign and, only over time, developing leadership status within that movement.