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ZimRights is a people’s own movement for advancing human rights.

We come from different backgrounds. There are many causes that we care about that affect the enjoyment of human rights. In ZimRights, we have created the space where we come together to tackle those challenges and find solutions to those challenges. Over the past 27 years, we have created a legacy of mobilising believers in rights to take action. We have done this in promoting democratic participation, building community resilience, championing community justice and protection of the environment. Our work has seen the birth of most of today’s vibrant civic entities in Zimbabwe.

And yet we know there is more to come.

There are many issues that you care about. We want to help you be the champion for human rights. We want to champion with you those rights. With over 265 000 members across the country, we are your community. We commit to fight with you in realising your dream.


This is why we are introducing the ZimRights Ideas Market (ZIM). With the ZimRights Ideas Market, we invite you to share with us your idea for making our world a better place. Using a simple tool to clarify your vision, we help you map out your idea, the pathways and tools for transformation. Using our local and global networks, we match your idea with possible funders around the world who are ready to see your dream becoming a reality.

For more information about this resource, please email info@zimrights.org.zw and you will receive the resources you need to set into motion your vision for a better society which believes in, and cares for the dignity of all people.