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The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) is Zimbabwe’s biggest grassroots movement of ordinary people for human rights. Formed in 1993. For the past 27 years, ZimRights has empowered communities through civic education, legal aid support, psycho-social support and community advocacy strategies to ensure the realisation of basic rights especially for the most marginalised communities.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves leading in developing and sustaining a culture of human rights in Zimbabwe.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote, protect and defend Human Rights in Zimbabwe through education, information, legal aid and litigation.


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#Be The Champions

ZimRights is the people’s own movement for advancing human rights. We come from different backgrounds. There are many causes that we care about that affect the enjoyment of human rights. In ZimRights, we have created the space where we come together to tackle those challenges and find solutions to those challenges.  

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The Fight against COVID-19 is a Human Rights Fight

Human rights are not an attachment in the fight. They are the core of the fight.

The virus is a threat to the right to life. So is loss of livelihoods.

Everyone must enjoy the right to basic health care, regardless of social status or where they live.

Everyone, including persons living with disabilities, has the right to access accurate information.

Everyone has the right not to be treated in an unfairly discriminatory manner.

National security services must undertake their duties with utmost respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms.

Everyone must enjoy the right to security. No one has to be tortured for us to win the fight.

Health care workers, security and enforcement officers have the right to adequate protection during their service.