August 2021 Human Rights Update

Our August 2021 edition of the ZimRights News is now out. The newsletter covers the key human rights developments in the country during the month of August. We have an exciting new section, the In-depth Human Rights News and for this edition we bring you voices from the Chinyamukwakwa community speaking on how their land has been grabbed by Green Fuel.   In this edition we also  bring to you the Level UP! Constitution Clubs Members Handbook which equips our school children and members of the constitutional clubs with knowledge for them to educate others as well as undertake constitution awareness activities.  Convener of the Constitutional Law Centre, Dr Alex Magaisa talks on how the POLAD Gifts potentially violate the Political Parties (Finance) Act. You can access the Newsletter here You can access the podcast here in English, In Shona and in Ndebele