Policy Considerations on Covid-19 Measures: Policy Brief

Policy Considerations on Covid-19 Measures: Policy Brief II

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, ZimRights has been engaging with the crisis through its three-pillar COVID 19 response strategy which incorporates human rights monitoring, humanitarian response and policy advocacy. This is the 10th report to be produced by ZimRights under the COVID-19 response strategy. The report builds upon the series, ‘Their Voices Matter’ reports that captured community responses to COVID-19 while building to a more detailed appraisal of the human rights situation set for release in June 2020. These three pillars speak to each other. As a grassroots organization with over 250 000 members across the country, ZimRights believes that its monitoring work will be in vain if it does not appeal to the policy framework. As clearly stated by the United Nations Secretary General in his Message, “We are all in this together”.

“In what world do we want to live when this is all over? The way in which we respond now can help to shape that future – for better or for worse.”

ZimRights thus presents this policy brief to encourage our policy – makers to remain guided by key human rights considerations.

About this Policy Brief
The COVID-19 global pandemic presents novel challenges and grave threats to health, human life, the rule of law and constitutional governance. Governments and individual citizens are encountering new pressures occasioned by the need to fight the pandemic whilst ensuring access to essential services and basic commodities.

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