#ResistDictatorship Constitution Rally

Yesterday 4 May 2021 was a tragic day for Zimbabwe as the upper house of the National Assembly passed the Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 2, a deadly blow to Constitutionalism in Zimbabwe. It is all dusted and done. All the work done between 2008 and 2013 by millions of Zimbabweans, is being destroyed by a few selfish politicians. The pain is unbearable but our spirits are indomitable.

When citizens are pushed to the brink, they must respond. When our representatives choose to ignore us the people, we must represent ourselves. And we start today!!!

This is why we are inviting you all to the first of many #ResistDictatorship actions. Please join us for the #ResistDictatorship Constitution Rally where we are going to speak out against the ongoing nonsense. Today, we must make a commitment to say Enough is Enough! And we want you, the citizens to be at the forefront of this action, the action that will not end until Constitutionalism is restored in this country.

The rally will be hosted by Jestina Mukoko and Pastor Evan Mawarire. It will feature the legendary voice of resistance Dr. Thomas Mapfumo, performance by Pan Africanist musician Mae Sithole and Freedom Poet Desire Moyoxide. We will hear from activists, scholars and citizens across the board, at home and in the diaspora. When the rally comes to the end, the action continues with the launch of Citizen Action for Constitutionalism – a series of actions for all of us to plug in and defend our Constitution.

#ResistDictatorship Constitution Rally – Hosted by Jestina Mukoko and Evan Mawarire
• Entertainment and Messages by Dr. Thomas Mapfumo, Mae Sithole and Desire Moyoxide
• Devotion by Rev Magaya and Rev Chabonyonga
• Messages from Namatai Kwekweza, Hopewell Chin’ono, Dr. Alex Magaisa and Dr. Musa Kika.
• Solidarity from citizens, citizen groups, churches and CSOs
• Call to Action by ZimRights

#ResistDictatorship Constitution Rally – Livesteaming on the following facebook pages – 263 Chat, ZimRightsLIVE, ZPP, WELEAD, Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

Tomorrow, Thursday, 6 May 2021 – be there and lets speak out and ACT against dictatorship! At 5:30pm on Zoom and all our social media pages, we will be hosting the #ResistDictatorship Constitution Rally. Register here and join us. https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYqceCprzkrG9TaSQ_nKkDoo0EIYOZazyfR