The Right to Peace Campaign

Seeking Accountability for Peace

Special Report on the NPRC’s Constitutional Obligations
About the Rights to Peace Campaign The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) is currently running the Rights to Peace Campaign. Under its Right to Peace Campaign, ZimRights seeks to capacitate and strengthen Zimbabwean communities through the establishment of new infrastructures for peace and strengthening existing peace cultures. The campaign seeks to harness community capacities and cultures, and draw from the national peace architecture in the promotion of more peaceful communities. Built on ZimRights long legacy of fighting for human rights, the Campaign builds on three fundamental beliefs:

ZimRights drives this campaign in all three areas to establish:

  • the understanding of peace as a right,
  • activate community tools and cultures of peace,
  • link the national peace architecture with community structures,

Contact Us

  • ZimRights House, Alverston Court, 90 S. V. Muzenda Street, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • (+263) 242 707278
    (+263) 242 705898