The Action Zone Framework

ZimRights Action Zone Framework

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”
Herbert Spencer.

Under ZimRights’ New Strategy – Shifting Power to the People, ZimRights has adopted the Action Zone Framework. This framework is a new design for decades-old grassroots-organising wisdom that ZimRights is known for. It is based on the premise that a movement is like a bicycle. If it loses momentum, it loses traction. If it loses traction, it loses balance. If it loses balance, it collapses. Hence, what builds and keeps a movement alive, in motion, relentless and unstoppable, are the actions that members in their small communities undertake. These small communities are what we call ‘Action Zones’. They are the arena for civic action.

These action zones represent the issues that ZimRights members care about in their communities and are working very hard to advance. These actions zones are driven by the members themselves according to their local situations. They are not exhaustive of Zimbabwe’s human rights issues, but they provide a good beginning point for engagement. Click the link to read more about the Action Zones that drive ZimRights both at national and at local level.