The People’s Human Rights Manifesto Report

About the People’s Human Rights Manifesto

The People’s Human Rights Manifesto (PHRM) is an elections dialogue tool, compiled by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe. The Manifesto is designed to open a conversation with prospective leaders about possible human rights commitments, should they secure the vote in the 2023 elections and other successive elections. Precisely, the Manifesto captures 10 key human rights asks from the voters to their prospective leaders, asking them to sign up to a pact to uphold or work towards the listed human rights asks. The Manifesto offers an opportunity to communities to have a dialogue on elections that is beneficial to both sides. While traditionally politicians are used to simply demand, under this manifesto, they will be required to also commit in a clear and documented way. The Manifesto uses the universal language of human rights to express what Zimbabweans expect from those who aspire to lead.

Download the Report Here