Their Voices Matter – Community Responses to Covid-19 Measures: Week 5

Community Responses to Covid 19 Measures: Week 5

Zimbabwe entered into the fifth week of the lockdown, amid uncertainty over what would become of the country’s economy and other sectors that had already endured five weeks of no operations.

The major human rights issue emerging during this period was the growing fear that government was failing to deal with the emerging need for social support to the millions of Zimbabweans who had been directly and indirectly affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Far more worrying was the state of COVID-19 quarantine centres set up across the country to accommodate Zimbabweans inbound from neighbouring countries. In order to continue adding the community voices to all these emerging issues, ZimRights, through its countrywide membership, once again focused on key thematic issues emerging during the fifth week of the lockdown.

Through members contributions, this week’s report focuses on the government disbursements of funds, the lack of adequate information and response to malaria and Covid-19 in the southern parts of the country and the poor state of quarantine centres set up across the country.

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