Today on Membership Tuesday: Arnold Tsunga, ZimRights Member Since 1997

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Welcome to Membership Tuesday: Celebrating Active Citizenship

The first strategic priority under the ZimRights Shifting Power to the People Strategy (SP2P) is Building a Critical Mass. ZimRights is Zimbabwe’s biggest grassroots movement of over 250 000 members. What makes us unique is our membership who do the heavy lifting every day. To celebrate their work, we are introducing Membership Tuesday, dedicated to honouring our members’ work and the spirit of active citizenship that has driven our movement for the past 32 years.

To launch this exciting series, we were joined by a civic leadership giant, an outstanding strategist and patriotic Zimbabwean, former ZimRights Chairperson, Mr. Arnold Tsunga. Many call him, affectionately, AT. AT has been a ZimRights member for 27 years!!!

Read more about Arnold’s activism.

AT joined us for coffee at ZimRights House and sat down with our media team to reflect on his journey. Watch the interview below:

Thank you Arnold for your activism. Without you, Zimbabwe’s human rights sector would not be the same.

Membership Invitation

Over 600 human rights violations are committed in Zimbabwe every year.  These include serious violations like torture and extra-judicial killings.  These figures show a country at war with itself. A sufficient number of people speaking out and ACTING against these violations will reduce this number and save lives. You are one of the sufficient number that must SPEAK and ACT!

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