ZimRights Launches the Guide to Understanding Devolution

Today we release one of our publications titled ‘Guide to Understanding Devolution.’ The guide unpacks devolution principles as well as the ZimRights perspectives on devolution.

The Guide is designed to capacitated members of the public on key issues on devolution and how they can meaningfully engage and participate in the developing discussion on this important subject matter. This is in the backdrop of gathering interest and momentum on the operationalization of the provisions in the Constitution on devolution through and the controversial provisions relating to devolution.

In this Guide, we tackle the following critical issues.

Why we need devolution. Devolution should bring democratic shift by bringing decision making and public governance close to the people of Zimbabwe. It should result in more effective and tailored policymaking and encourage innovation in policy-making.

The Models of Devolution
The guide makes a comparative study of different models of devolution practiced in different countries and what lessons can be drawn from them as we tackle the same matter in Zimbabwe.

What a Devolved Government will look like
The provisions on devolution in the constitution are broken down to demonstrate how they envisage the devolved structures to be like and who gets in it. A high level overview is given of the proposed amendments to the devolution provisions in the Constitution and how they will alter the existing position as it is provided in the Constitution.

Developments on the Ground
The guide then explores what has been done and what is going on since 2013 under devolution and how we may measure if devolution is really working.

ZimRights’ Key Asks
Finally, the guide concludes on our recommendations and the steps we propose to take in the developing narrative and implementation of devolution provisions.

Please follow the link here to download the guide.

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