ZimRights Newsletter Issue 10

ZimRights Newsletter Issue 10

The past few weeks have seen an increase in the language of violence mainly directed at organisers and supporters of the planned July 31 protests. The threats of violence are mainly coming from ZANU PF’s Patrick Chinamasa, and Victor Matemadanda. These threats have been followed by violent actions including the attack on the home of ARTUZ President Obert Masaraure in the morning of 17 July 2020. July 31 movement organisers have remained defiant. On 18 July 2020, Constitutional Law expert and BSR blogger Alex Magaisa published an article naming government officials accused of looting the RBZ’s Agricultural Mechanization which included high ranking government officials, ZANU PF officials, church leaders as well a judges of the High Court. We Lead Director and ZimRights member Namatai Kwekweza was arrested on 16 July 2020 with a few young people protesting Constitution Amendment Bill No.2. They were released on bail and are set to appear in court for trial on 20 July 2020.

Last week, on 16 July 2020 we launched our special report titled: Rights in Crisis – A Human Rights Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Zimbabwe. The report, drawn from ZimRights COVID 19 Response Strategy captures the story of COVID-19 from its genesis from Wuhan until in enveloped the whole world. Combining expert views and community voices, the report analyses the country’s response strategy, disaster preparedness and makes key recommendations for Zimbabwe to emerge from the disaster better than it entered.

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