Police indiscriminately fire live ammunition at vendors injuring one in the process

On July 6, 2020, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) human rights monitoring team led by Chitungwiza Regional Chairperson Mr Amidu Ali, visited the Jambanja area in Unit L, Chitungwiza to verify shooting of vendors by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

ZimRights learnt that the raid by Police occurred at around 1400hrs at the busy market place where informal traders were selling their wares. Upon noticing the unexpected arrival of the police, as usual most vendors fled from impending arrest, including Sam Zharare (28) who was selling groceries from the back of his Toyota Vitz vehicle. After noticing that all the vendors had vanished in the thick air the Police indiscriminately fired live ammunition at Zharare’s vehicle which was parked few metres from market and in the process Zharare was unfortunately shot on his right ankle. After realising that they had shot Zharare the police are reported to have taken him to a 24 Hour private hospital and then later to Chitungwiza Central Hospital where he is currently hospitalised and may have his leg amputated.

ZimRights notes with concern increased numbers of people who are shoot by the Police for no apparent and compelling reasons. ZimRights implores the police to desists from this dissident behaviour and abide by the dictates of the law. The incident is one of many cases where the police have become the law into themselves. ZimRights further encourage the police to thoroughly investigate this incident and the police officers involved should be arrested and brought before a competent court of law. Furthermore, ZimRights is gravely concerned at the nature of policing that has total disregard for basic human rights. Live ammunition should be used as a last resort and not on unarmed civilians trying to earn an honest living.

Report Issued by

Ali A (Mr)
Chitungwiza Regional Chairperson

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