The Motlanthe Report

The Motlanthe Report

What’s Next for Victims and the Nation – August 2020

An Analysis of the Recommendations of the Motlanthe Report Two Years LaterAugust 2020.

This report analyses the government’s progress in implementing the recommendations made by the Commission of Inquiry.

In the first chapter the report gives an account of what culminated to the military shootings. On 1 August 2018, following the delay in pronouncing the 2018 presidential election results, the military was deployed in Harare CBD’s streets to ‘disperse’ demonstration. The deployment of members of the Zimbabwe National Army resulted in the deaths of six civilians and the injury of many citizens. After a public outcry condemning the military’s deployment and the subsequent demand for justice for the crimes against humanity attributed to the members of the Zimbabwe National Army, President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed a commission of inquiry to investigate into the shootings.

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