Fact Sheet on the Rights to Peace Action Zone

Fact Sheet on the Rights to Peace Action Zone

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) is Zimbabwe’s first post independence indigenous human rights advocacy group established in 1992 as an association of ordinary people and registered as a PVO in 1993.

Over the past 30 years, ZimRights has grown to over 250 000 members across the country’s 10 provinces. ZimRights’ 250 000 members work through 8 action zones to advance various human rights issues in their communities.

The Right to Peace Action Zone works towards empowering communities to understand, realise, claim and demand peace as a human right. Under this action zone, ZimRights is implementing the Right to Peace campaign. The campaign seeks to equip communities with peace building knowledge and skills as they work to detect any threats to peace and neutralize them without violence. Through the campaign, ZimRights works towards bringing together communities and leaders to work together in building sustainable peace at local and national level. In line with our vision, we believe that the peace in which communities lead in building is more sustainable.

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